The retro-futuristic


The Astrofire by ModFire takes its inspiration from space and the atomic age. Available in either Propane or Wood Burning, this retro-futuristic fireplace comes with some very cool finishes including sweeping mid-century legs, and its name "Astrofire" cut out around its interior rim and backed with a stylish circular mesh. The interior rim can also be filled with decorative rocks or fire glass, if desired.

If you are purchasing a Propane model, be sure to consider our Modpod. It stylishly hides your fuel tank and doubles as a mod side table. Or when your Astrofire it is not being used as a fireplace, get the Tabletop that turns your Astrofire into a stylish and functional table . Made of 100% recycled plastic, this is sustainable must have accessory for your Astrofire.