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Sound Isolation, Clear Acoustics & Style

Egg Pod Chair 

The unconventional shape and construction of the bluetooth ready Stereo Egg Pod make it perfect for both sound isolation and excellent acoustics. Its chamber-like shape and upholstered interior cancels out most outside noise, providing a unique environment for meditation, relaxation and just getting away from it all.


A collaboration of minds

Art by NOW

NOW is a collaborative effort to rekindle America's love of retro art and illustration. It's creators, Dave Warshaw and Marco Almera, have teamed up to make a series of groovy prints on high quality canvases, pre-stretched and framed to be easily displayed and enjoyed without the hassle or expense of your typical art purchases.


hand-crafted with care

Sea Saw Woodshop

Rob Morrison of Sea Saw Woodshop is a talented craftsman with an eye for modern decor. Each of his creation are hand made with care from the finest materials, both new and repurposed. Rob's one-off designs can be found adorning the walls of some of the hippest establishments in socal, and are now avaiable for sale at Warshaw's Provisions.