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Wood Burning & Clean Burning Gas

Indoor & Outdoor Fireplaces

We offer a selection of retro-inspired indoor & outdoor fireplaces by the two most highly regarded brands in the industry, Modfire and Malm. These companies offer a quality product with the stylish design of the 50's and 60's combined with the functionality of the modern era.

With dozens of configurations available to fit your individual needs, the right fireplace is bound to find you at Warshaw's Provisions.


The Design that started it all

ModFire Fireplace

The original award-winning design that got it all started. Taking cues from mod 1960s-futurist rocketships and industrial age smoke stacks, the ModFire is a perfect blend of style and function that compliments and elevates virtually any outdoor or indoor space.

Now with 7 variations burning Wood, Natural Gas or Ethanol - from table top sized to the 7' tall Bonfire - your ModFire can either be packed up and transported to your favorite camping spots or become a permanent fixture to your at home lounge area. Available in 7 colors + copper.


A portable campfire

Radiate Outdoor Supply

These guys have worked tirelessly to bring you the perfect portable outdoor campfire! Designed to be sleek and easy to store, non-toxic, with a 4 hours of consecutive burn time, you now have the ability to make every outdoor experience first-class.

By incorporating 100% recycled soy wax and 100% recycled paper pulp, the have designed the perfect reusable campfire. It's easier, more convenient and healthier for the environment than traditional wood burning campfires. This thing is even beer proof.


The retro-futuristic


The Astrofire by ModFire takes its inspiration from space and the atomic age. Available in either Propane or Wood Burning, this retro-futuristic fireplace comes with some very cool finishes including sweeping mid-century legs, and its name "Astrofire" cut out around its interior rim and backed with a stylish circular mesh. The interior rim can also be filled with decorative rocks or fire glass, if desired.

If you are purchasing a Propane model, be sure to consider our Modpod. It stylishly hides your fuel tank and doubles as a mod side table. Or when your Astrofire it is not being used as a fireplace, get the Tabletop that turns your Astrofire into a stylish and functional table . Made of 100% recycled plastic, this is sustainable must have accessory for your Astrofire.


An American Original

Zircon Fireplace

Since 1960 Malm Fireplaces Inc. has been manufacturing free-standing wood burning and gas appliances. Their custom fabrication department has designed and built over 350 one-of-a-kind designer fireplaces. That means if we don't already have the perfect Malm Fireplace for you, then we can order it custom for your space.

At Warshaw's Provisions you will find a selection Zircon fireplaces in varying sizes and colors from the Zircon 38" in Black to the smaller 30" & 34" variations in an array of beautiful porcelain colors.

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