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Mid-century Modern 

Located in the heart of South Park, San Diego, Warshaw's Provisions offers a curated mix of high quality hand crafted goods for the collector looking to add some mid-century modern style to their abode. 


Homegoods & Decor


We offer a selection of retro-inspired indoor & outdoor fireplaces by the two most highly regarded brands in the industry, Modfire and Malm. These companies offer a quality product with the stylish design of the 50's and 60's combined with the functionality of the modern era. With dozens of configurations available to fit your individual needs, the right fireplace is bound to find you at Warshaw's Provisions.


Zircon by Malm

Astrofire BY Modfire

The Original Modfire


Locally Crafted

Home Goods & Decor

Other provisions include an assortment of crafted goods by Kingston Union MFG, Sea Saw Woodshop, Big Ed Tiki Broker, Runa Glass, Squirrel Brand Nuts, Joy Dravecky Jewelry. Frankie & Claude Fancy Matches, and Fine Art by Now.


Egg Pod Stereo Pod - Bluetooth Ready!


Kingston Shoes - Wino

Sea Saw Woodshop

Radiate Portible Campfires

Black Velvet Sleestak Art

A family affair


The Warshaw Legacy

Dave is not the first, nor will he be the last Warshaw to offer provisions to his community. Beginning with a candy store on the lower east side of New York in 1873, the Warshaws have been providing a myriad of goods and services for generations, and supplying the neighborhood has been a family tradition ever since. Read more...