A family affair

The Warshaw Legacy

Dave is not the first, nor will he be the last Warshaw to offer provisions to his community. Beginning with a candy store on the lower east side of New York in 1873, the Warshaws have been providing a myriad of goods and services for generations, and supplying the neighborhood has been a family tradition ever since.

Like many other European immigrants in the United States the Warshaws were originally faced with a number of economic challenges, but the business of provisions quickly grew into more than just a way to make ends meet. It became something rewarding, something lasting. Warshaw’s Provisions offered an important service to the local community, and with it they created a legacy.

In the 40's my grandfather Nat and his brothers ran meat provisions, on Sundays they would take the aged meat, which would normally be discarded the next day, and shared with the whole community at the park for free!! My father always told this story, and how he and his brother loved this tradition.

For Dave Warshaw, proprietor of Warshaw’s Provisions in South Park, San Diego, CA, the legacy is alive and well. Dave and his wife, Mary, have been an influential part of the North/South park community for nearly 20 years, and with the opening of Warshaw’s Provisions they have become a foundational element of the bedrock of the community. Dave’s family history fuels to his desire to be an active part of the neighborhood, and he serves this aspiration by providing mid-century goods, memorable experiences and inspired badassery.

Known to many in the neighborhood as “the Fireplace guy”, Dave's love of fireplaces, his musical & artistic talent, and his eye for mid-century design has allowed him to create a truly a one of a kind business. Drive by the shop on just about any day you will see Dave sharing stories about fireplaces, his fondness of style and design, and wisdom. Stop in to the shop and you'll see why it's worth the trip.

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